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Nïc. Elf Prince. 20.
I appreciate good design, muted colors, body modifications, and quiet days alone with a cup of good tea. I'm fascinated by skulls and skeletons, fashion, and Roman history. Hobbies include speaking German badly.
I eat a lot of sweets.


don’t trust anybody who compliments your smile. they just get off on seeing the little bits of skeleton poking out through your gums.  anybody who tells you you’ve got a nice smile is a certified skeleton fucker.

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The Acquired Inability to Escape (1993) and Still Pursing Impossible Desires (1992) by Damien Hirst.

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Stop talking about yourself in the third person.


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"what do you do in your spare time?"

oh, you know, write haikus to dudes who send me strange messages on

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Seriously, what?

I cannot be bothered to

keep writing haikus.

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